How to Lose Your Gambling Capital the Quickest Way

There are nine ways a player can lose gambling in the casinos of capital, and the error that I call the “stupidity” is the fastest of all. Awkward way of a game, a player does not know anything. A player who commits this error is bold, a bold player. It’s like driving a real experience in casinos. I was a player experimentative several times, but I have not lost anything, because I did it at home. However, if a casino is not in the actual game. This is a very expensive way to learn.

I remember an episode that occurred in one of my trips to the games. It was early afternoon, and I was playing blackjack at a table alone. Then a woman in her 30s sat beside me. She had a large bag hanging from her shoulder, and she was a friend of both companies. She was eager to play, really in a hurry, as desperate passengers behind on his plane.

She had plenty of money in her purse, and she was a great player. She played four hands, and up to 4,000 pesos each. Was 16,000 pesos for a ride. She was also very friendly, so we get along. We even had a few laughs together.

After a couple of stores, I realized it was a very bad player. I wondered where he got the courage to play a game, she knew nothing. She was very inconsistent with his decisions. Every hand was new to her, press, stick, double split, had no idea that it was a good way to play every hand. But one thing I admired in it was her ability to make real decisions faster, even though their decisions were wrong. It was not long before he saw the letters. It was the fastest player I have known clumsy.

His game was very aggressive. It would be divided divisible most hands against each card in place, and often double. Often is eight against the bank in September, or 12 against the dealer’s 10, 66 has been doubled to a specific action as Holy Smoke! I was horrified. I want to run away quickly.

But actually won in the early hours of the morning. How happy can sometimes playing dumb? His friends cheered every victory. They laughed very loudly … laugh … the best time of their lives. Sometimes I come with joy. While they push me to the limit bet, as it did when I was. Paris than the minimum of 200 pesos I politely refused and said that I will not allow to bet that had a small bankroll.

A few hours, as I would have expected to happen to the edge casinos have begun to feel the effects. Gradually, she lost. But at first, she did not seem worried. They acted as if the loss is not serious, as there was a lot of money with it. They acted like it was normal to lose, sometimes as easily went on to win anyway. When all the chips had happened, he would fast money from her purse. His bag was full of money you are willing to lose.

But the losses continued to mount. She was desperate to earn money, but could not, no matter what he did. This causes more bad games. Then his losses became so great. The laughter and moments of joy disappeared. It was too quiet. I had to stop joking that his head began to boil and I did not want to be responsible for their losses.

Later, he realized that he could never be money. She has just been lost. She and her friends have gone very smooth as all the money was in her purse. But despite her fatigue, she still wanted to play. He wanted to borrow money from his friends, but his friends were 200 pesos. He borrowed 200 pesos anyway, now we have two bet the same amount. It was 02.00 in the morning, stand together. They played for about 12 hours. I have 3,000 pesos and 400,000 pesos is lost. The losses were enough to buy a house and land.

I always incompetent blackjack. In fact, in all my visits to the casino, I met a person who knows the game of Blackjack Basic. All others were random-tion. I also see a saboteur in Poker, Video Poker, Spanish 21, and in most games requiring skill. My advice: never play these games, if you have done extensive research on early. I wonder why there are players who are ready, thousands, even millions of hard earned dollars to risk they are playing a game I know nothing.

A player should take the time to become an expert in the game of their choice before the game in the casinos for money. (You may strategy blackjack player by an expert.), Because common sense: an experienced casino player limit mathematical advantage to a minimum. Mathematicians have found that the incompetent casino blackjack player gives 3% to 8% advantage, while the limit smart player friendly casinos edge only about 1% or less in the casinos with the rules. The difference is enough to get a winner or a loser.

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